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Provides B early, uniformly and cost-effectively.

Also reduces the pH of the spray.


High uniformity of distribution of micronutrients. Improved startup

of plant growth due to better rooting. Smaller volume of

liquid applied to the seeds (powder product = better drying)


Complete fertilizer with anti-stress effect


Supply of complexed B with high stability and applicability, even with lower spray volumes


Supply of Mg, resulting in improved photosynthesis


Joint supply of Zn and Mn, improving crop development


Assists in the metabolizing N. High efficiency in the assimilation of Mo (Synergy with P)


Enables the control of plant growth and the adjustment of crop spacing


Activates the plant's natural defenses, assisting in disease control. More supply of phosphite (high concentration)


Assists in grain filling. Provides a biologically active amino-acid, improving photosynthesis


Improves the efficiency of applications of agrochemicals and foliar fertilizers (Adjuvant)


Reduces the pH of sprays, with excellent value for money in this modality of use. Also complements N and P


( * ) For each kg of boric acid, 22 L of water are required in the application spray to dissolve the product.


Follow the recommendations of the Technical Manager of the area.



As acidifier: dose according to the pH of the spray