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Liquid inoculant, recommended for the inoculation of soybean seeds with atmospheric Nitrogen fixing bacteria (Bradyrhizobium japonicum).


  • Provides bacteria that promote the biological fixation of atmospheric Nitrogen and improves the availability of Nitrogen for subsequent crops, reducing the application of Nitrogenous Fertilizer and the impact on the environment. Its formulation contains a high concentration of bacteria, using special polymers to promote their survival, and it can be used in conjunction with the  peat-based inoculant (½ liquid and ½ peat).


Recommendations of Use

100 mL for 50kg of seeds. In the case of an area used for the 1st year, 200 ml for 50kg of seed is recommended.


Apply Atmo evenly on the soybean seeds in a cool and shaded place. Sow immediately after treatment.


Technical Information

  • Bacterial concentration: 5 x 109 CFU/ml (Colony Forming Units)
  • Strains: Semia 5079 and 5080


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